(OJT) On Job Training

Those of you who want to take flying as a career; (CPL + I.R./M.E.R. + OJT) is the first step towards it. This experience qualifies you to apply in Commercial operations, including any airline. Our CPL course with OJT Program is finely tuned to produce graduates that airlines would like to employ. It has been carefully structured to develop the flying skills most suited for any airline environment. On Completion of CPL+I.R./M.E.R.+OJT, the candidate would have acquired 500 hours flying experience in total of which over 300 hours of flying would be in multi engine aircrafts. The OJT Program provides the training required for a candidate, to command and fly our multi engine aircrafts. Engaged in Cargo and Charter Air Service. The candidate who has successfully completed our program shall act as pilot in command in our airplanes under instrument Flight Rules (lFR) in controlled airspace. This provides the candidate with invaluable actual commercial flying experience including in busy international airspaces. The few hundred hours gained here will become your launch platform for a good start of candidate’s flying career.

Entry Requirements:

-Valid CPL with lR which can be validated in Philippines
-Passed a course of theoretical exam as set out by CAAP
-Medical exam (to be conducted in CAAP)
-Take N.T,C. exam
-Cleared check ride

Training Description:

-Candidate will have to fty 15-20hrs (is included in the package) in the aircraft registered in the Philippines before giving the skill test for the purpose of getting rated in Piper Aztec.
After successfully completion of the training for 15-20 hrs the student will be endorsed to fly for skyworld aviation Cargo/Charter operations. Upon signing agreement with skyworld aviation candidate will be also provided accommodation for the duration of the training programmed. At the end of the term 200hrs to 300hrs(depends upon the candidate’s package) if candidate performance is found to be excellent during their entire training program both in terms of conduct and flying skills they may be recommended for the job in associate cargo/charter companies or offered job for skyworld aviation Cargo/Charter company whereby candidate shall fly as commander. salary and other benefits that shall be disclosed to them at the end of the program before signing the MOA (Memorandum of Agreement).