Type Rating

We offer type-rating and recurrency training for the Airbus-320
In today’s economy, many pilots are looking for an affordable way to advance their aviation careers, or for airlines to manage their training budgets. Flight Training International provides an unparalleled combination of quality instruction, convenient locations and scheduling flexibility that pilots require to fit flight training into their busy schedule. Skyworld aviation group is dedicated to providing a professional training experience at the best price with a corporate commitment to meet your individual or airline training goals. Our staff and facilities are prepared to deliver the highest quality training at the best value for our customer. Skyworld aviation group is in joint venture with a leading provider of aviation training solutions, working with airlines across the globe offering a wide range of services, but specializes in cadet assessment and selection, type ratings and flagship ab initio cadet programs, all of which are tailored and optimized to the operational needs of its partner airlines. They played a major part in pioneering the Multi- crew Pilot License (MPL) in the Philippines and UAE, where it is the largest provider of First Officers via the MPL route. They have a proven track record of entering new markets and developing local relationships with regulators and airlines – often having to cross-certify between countries. They have successfully placed pilots from different countries in airlines around the world as they are in joint venture and part of them.